Haven't played with this too much apart from setting the zero points which is the first thing to do.


Connect the robot to the PC (make sure the charger isn't connected), start up Robobasic and select the com port to use.

Next go Controller-Controller Information and check you get some values back, if not the comms isn't working.

Once this is working go Compile-Set Zero Point and Read Settings. The picture will then show what it has read from the servo's, use the adjustments so that the robot stands as per the manual (arms straight, legs 8mm apart and leg servo's inline). Mine looks like:

All are roughly 100 apart from one of the feet servos, I checked the servo horn and it's correct so must just be out. Once set click write to save the Robobasic settings. The manual then says to click insert to load the new settings to the CR-M3024 controller, not sure what happens here as insert seems to add zero points onto the program.


More to come once I have some free time.