In conclusion the Robonova-1 is a good robot and I'm glad I brought it, even at £720 it is a good purchase.

I found improve the manual a bit as I made a few mistakes where things could have been phrased better or pointed out. For example saying left and right feet remembering which was servo 6 and which was servo 8, a simple use left leg (servo 6) or a number 6 on the servo in the picture would have helped and prevented me making a few mistakes. The legs gave me the most trouble.

The sensor placement is another issue which I pointed out in the build, firstly saying dark grey wire. My wire was very dark and almost black so a good light was needed to check which was the right way round.

I have only played a bit with the standard programs due to work and sleep but can see lots of expansion options listed later.

The Robonova is very flexible and can do somersaults, get up from the ground, kick balls and fight.



Better manual.

I can see the need for a number of improvements on Robonova-1. Firstly I would like some mmore powerfull servos. The kit uses Hitec Digital HSR-8498HB ones with 10Kg/cm and 0.2 secs for 60 degrees at 55g. 28kg/cm digital servos have just been released which are bsing used in the Robo-One arena. I have some Blue Bird BMS 660MG servos at home and these give 14Kg/cm and 0.17 secs for 60 degrees at 51g, they aren't digital but at less than £30 seem an alternative if someone was to build their own robot.

The IR sensor is a bit annoying but a lot easier than using the cable all the time. I can't wait until I get a wireless option installed.