Building the Robonova is fairly standard and I managed to finish it in 3 nights, about 9hrs (due to a number of mistakes).


To start with I recommend you read the manual or at least glance through it first. I used only the paper manual and it raised a number of questions I had to glance at the German manual or look at the pdf version on the computer. I found 1 picture invaluable and this is the one from the back showing the servo placement. I had to keep going back to this picture, especially with the legs which I managed to keep messing up.

The first step is to build the feet, this involves removing some of the servo srews from the servo and servo horns. The servo is then lined up in the feet and the screws inserted back.

Almost a side note which is worth noting is servo 8 is the right foot and servo 6 is the left foot. From now on the manual will say attach left foot to left leg assembly which I found a bit annoying. It would have been nice to say attach to left foot (servo 6).


Next the 4 bracket assemblies are built. There are 6 of 1 type and 4 of another, the difference being the side flanges being slightly different heights.

4 screws are used to attach them together, PH/M, the machine screws with the fine thread.

If you have a electric screwdriver/drill it makes life a lot easier, just make sure you use the correct screw bit and set the torque/clutch settings right down to prevent damage to the screws.


The above brackets are then screwed onto the feet assembly using the numbers on the servo horns to position the bracket correctly.



Once done a quick rotate of the foot tells you if the limits are ok.


2 ankle brackets are then built before moving on to the knees shown to the right. Yet another confusing step. The manual shows servo 1 and 4 together with 3 and 2 together, turn over the page and you see servo 1+2 then 3+4. This is where the main servo picture helped.

I can see what they mean but it's not clear as they seem to contradict themselves.


The ankle brackets attached to the feet. Prior to this stage I would have put the feet covers on the feet themselves, however this step is delayed until the legs are built, meaning you have to take apart the feet/ankle joint to fit the plastic covers.

If you are 100% confident the feet are the correct way round the plastic feet covers and servo wire holders could be put on at this stage saving time.



Once the feet, ankles and knees have been built they can all be assembled. I messed up around here as I mixed up the left and right feet servos, I found it when the insides of the feet where the big side of the foot. A simple unscrew of the servo's, rotating 180 degrees and re-screwing fixed this.

At this stage double check the limits of the leg assemblies and verify they can do this.


The shoulders are built in the same way as the ankles and straight forward.

Nex is the arms, the manual says to screw the servos before the fists. I found the fists a slightly tigher fit than the servos meaning I had to unscrew the servos. I found it easier to screw the fists in first then the servos.

Again check the limits and the numbers on the servo horn for correct placement.