On Sat 15th Jun England beat Denmark 3-0 in the World Cup 2nd round. As a side note WS8 took place at Queen Elizabeth Boys School in Barnet, 28 ants attended.


Name 4" Weight Name 4" Weight Name 4" Weight
Stagger Y 218   Pathogen Y 138   Lower Y 148
Resurrector Y 121   War Ant Y 142   Odyssey Y 147
TYPE-0 Y 228   Anteater Y 150   Combatant Y 150
Militant Y 148   RONNY Y 148   Dominant Y 141
Suburban spaceant N 177   Rameses Y 149   Little Nipper Y 155
Mesmer 2 1/2 Y 149   Triumphant Y 150   Flippant Y 149
Psychoant ish 148   Anto Y 124   Squishy ish 150
Dave 2 (AKA......) Y 150   Buzzant TNG Y 146   Die Hard 5 Y 142
Scorpiant ish 151   Pants Y 134   Antageddon N 152
(Walkers in itallics, 2 in total)

Preliminary Rounds

1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round
Scorpiant Militant Antogeddon
Antageddon Anto Chronotrigger
Militant Antogeddon Flippant
Buzzant TNG TYPE-0 Resurrector
Pants Psychoant TYPE-0
Psychoant Triumphant War Ant
Flippant Dave 2 Combatant
Anteater Odyssey Odyssey
Combatant RONNY Lower
Dave 2 Chronotrigger Psychoant
RONNY Flippant Militant
Suburban spaceant Buzzant TNG RONNY
Squashy Lower  
Rameses Combatant  
Anto Squashy  
Mesmer 2 1/2 Dominant  
Odyssey Resurrector  
Lower War Ant  
War Ant    
Little Nipper    

Final Rounds
Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final Winner
Psychoant Psychoant    
Combatant Militant Odyssey Odyssey
Chronotrigger Odyssey    
Odyssey War Ant    
War Ant      

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dcp_0182 dcp_0183 dcp_0184


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