Back... World Series 7

On the 23rd Feb WS 7 took place in Hatfield, in total approx 45 ants turned up, below are the results and links to the pictures.

It was a good day with an impressive turnout despite the snow, the battles went ahead nice and smoothly and left enough time afterwards for tag teams, football and a walker battle.

Not all my pictures came out so i'm a bit vague on all the ants names.

Partipants (Can you see what I've done there? - Ed)

Name 4" Weight Name 4" Weight Name 4" Weight
Psycho Ant Y 150   Anticyclone Y 147   Mr Pointy Y 147
Abel Y 218   Triant Y 149   TYPE-0 Y 229
Cannon Fodder N 148   Pants N 159   Odyssey Y 150
Buzz TNG ish 146   Defiant Y 150   Anteater Y 150
Anto 3 Y 149   Taurus Y 133   Imp ish 129
Tank Top Y 101   Urban Space Ant Y 160   Little Nipper Y 134
Dave ish 121   Twisted Y 128   Sparkler Y 120
Anty B Y 155   Lite Y 97   Satans little helper Y 150
Triumphant Y 150   Resurrector ish 151   XR220 ish 153
Flippant ish 135   One-eighty Y 148   Pathogen Y 138
Phantom Y 141   Not a Box Y 141   Skippy Y 209
War Pog Y 146   Close Shave Y 149   Stagger Y 236
Militant Y 149   Vacant Y 149   Beetle 2 Y 186
Combatant Y 149   Vagrant Y 150   Last Chance Saloon Y 150
Vile Ant Toaster Y 109   Loonie ish 152        
(Walkers in itallics)

Preliminary Rounds

1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round 4th Round
Mr Pointy      
Not a Box      
Triumphant Cannon Fodder    
Triant Psycho Ant    
Abel Odyssey    
Buzz TNG      
  Resurrector Psycho Ant  
Last Chance Saloon Combatant Stagger  
Anty B TYPE-0 Satans Little Helper  
Vile Ant Anteater Pants Resurrector
  Close Shave Phantom Psycho Ant
Tank Top Last Chance Close Shave Close Shave
Close Shave Defiant Anteater Flippant
War Pog Vacant Abel Anteater
  Satans Little Helper Flippant Anto
XR220 Anticyclone Resurrector Phantom
Vacant One-Eighty TYPE-0 TYPE-0
Anto Stagger Vacant Anticyclone
      Satans Little Helper
Dave Phantom Odyssey  
Anteater Triumphant Anticyclone  
Defiant Pants Anto  
Urban Space Ant      
Odyssey Militant    
Little Nipper Abel    
Cannon Fodder Anto    
Psycho Ant      
Beetle 2      
Satans Little Helper      

Final Rounds
Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final Winner
Close Shave      
Anteater Anteater    
Anticyclone Anticyclone    
    Anticyclone Anticyclone
Resurrector Anto Resurrector  
Anto Resurrector    

Images (Bigger pictures will be added once my eyes stop bleeding, but click here for temp staging)

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