On Sat 3rd July Jack and Dave W hosted AWS32 at Wood Green High School in Wednesbury. Was good to see everyone again since I keep mising RRC and couldn't make AWS31.

Normally my driving lets me down and out of 3 robots I usually drive off at least twice, this time I fixed a few bits and had a quick drive around my desk. For this AWS I was a lot more reserved in my driving and waited for the opponent to come to me, seemed to work as I managed to get 2 of my ants to the final via the winnng stream. Gross Incompetance managed to get quite far after going through the losers stream but got knocked out near the end.

Looks like my luck is changing, have won the AWS trophy now 5 times, same as Andy and 2 less than Pete W.


DSCF7074 DSCF7075 DSCF7077 DSCF7078 DSCF7079
DSCF7074.jpg DSCF7075.jpg DSCF7077.jpg DSCF7078.jpg DSCF7079.jpg
DSCF7080 DSCF7081 DSCF7082 DSCF7083 DSCF7084
DSCF7080.jpg DSCF7081.jpg DSCF7082.jpg DSCF7083.jpg DSCF7084.jpg
DSCF7085 DSCF7086 DSCF7087 DSCF7088 DSCF7089
DSCF7085.jpg DSCF7086.jpg DSCF7087.jpg DSCF7088.jpg DSCF7089.jpg
DSCF7090 DSCF7091 DSCF7092 DSCF7094 DSCF7095
DSCF7090.jpg DSCF7091.jpg DSCF7092.jpg DSCF7094.jpg DSCF7095.jpg
DSCF7098 DSCF7101 DSCF7103 DSCF7104 DSCF7105
DSCF7098.jpg DSCF7101.jpg DSCF7103.jpg DSCF7104.jpg DSCF7105.jpg
DSCF7107 DSCF7108 DSCF7110 DSCF7111 DSCF7112
DSCF7107.jpg DSCF7108.jpg DSCF7110.jpg DSCF7111.jpg DSCF7112.jpg
DSCF7113 DSCF7114 DSCF7115 DSCF7116 DSCF7118
DSCF7113.jpg DSCF7114.jpg DSCF7115.jpg DSCF7116.jpg DSCF7118.jpg
DSCF7119 DSCF7120 DSCF7122 DSCF7123 DSCF7127
DSCF7119.jpg DSCF7120.jpg DSCF7122.jpg DSCF7123.jpg DSCF7127.jpg
DSCF7128 DSCF7129 DSCF7130 DSCF7131 DSCF7132
DSCF7128.jpg DSCF7129.jpg DSCF7130.jpg DSCF7131.jpg DSCF7132.jpg
DSCF7133 DSCF7134 DSCF7135 DSCF7136 DSCF7137
DSCF7133.jpg DSCF7134.jpg DSCF7135.jpg DSCF7136.jpg DSCF7137.jpg
DSCF7138 DSCF7140 DSCF7141 DSCF7142 DSCF7143
DSCF7138.jpg DSCF7140.jpg DSCF7141.jpg DSCF7142.jpg DSCF7143.jpg
DSCF7144 DSCF7145 DSCF7146 DSCF7147 DSCF7148
DSCF7144.jpg DSCF7145.jpg DSCF7146.jpg DSCF7147.jpg DSCF7148.jpg
DSCF7149 DSCF7150 DSCF7151 DSCF7152 DSCF7153
DSCF7149.jpg DSCF7150.jpg DSCF7151.jpg DSCF7152.jpg DSCF7153.jpg
DSCF7154 DSCF7156 DSCF7157 DSCF7158 DSCF7159
DSCF7154.jpg DSCF7156.jpg DSCF7157.jpg DSCF7158.jpg DSCF7159.jpg
DSCF7160 DSCF7161 DSCF7162 DSCF7163 DSCF7164
DSCF7160.jpg DSCF7161.jpg DSCF7162.jpg DSCF7163.jpg DSCF7164.jpg
DSCF7165 DSCF7166 DSCF7167 DSCF7169 DSCF7170
DSCF7165.jpg DSCF7166.jpg DSCF7167.jpg DSCF7169.jpg DSCF7170.jpg
DSCF7171 DSCF7172 DSCF7173 DSCF7174 DSCF7175
DSCF7171.jpg DSCF7172.jpg DSCF7173.jpg DSCF7174.jpg DSCF7175.jpg
DSCF7176 DSCF7177 DSCF7178 DSCF7179 DSCF7180
DSCF7176.jpg DSCF7177.jpg DSCF7178.jpg DSCF7179.jpg DSCF7180.jpg
DSCF7181 DSCF7182 DSCF7183 DSCF7184 DSCF7185
DSCF7181.jpg DSCF7182.jpg DSCF7183.jpg DSCF7184.jpg DSCF7185.jpg
DSCF7186 DSCF7189 DSCF7190 DSCF7191 DSCF7192
DSCF7186.jpg DSCF7189.jpg DSCF7190.jpg DSCF7191.jpg DSCF7192.jpg
DSCF7193 DSCF7194 DSCF7195 DSCF7196 DSCF7197
DSCF7193.jpg DSCF7194.jpg DSCF7195.jpg DSCF7196.jpg DSCF7197.jpg
DSCF7198 DSCF7199 DSCF7200 DSCF7201  
DSCF7198.jpg DSCF7199.jpg DSCF7200.jpg DSCF7201.jpg
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