AWS25 was hosted by the Netherlands Antweight builders on April 5th. It was the 2nd time an AWS was held outside the UK and the majority of the UK builders attended.

The arena was really good and the larger than any of the UK ones. It gave good visability and access to the ants.

This is the first event that Odyssey didn't compete in, with all the modern ants and the use of Sanyo's Odyssey couldn't cope any longer so it is now officially retired. At least until Combatant or Anticide win another AWS it will still have the most number of AWS wins, 3.

As a replacement I made a General Mayhem clone with a few changes and improvements. Mainly I used hacked servo controllers instead of a sozbots controller and 7.4V instead of a regulated 6V.

With all the above my driving and tracks let me down in the main AWS. General Mayhem went out in a fight with Pants due to a track becoming stuck and thus me driving out. Other matches just had me driving out or being too cautious. Oh well, roll on AWS26.



The standard double elimination format was used, that way everyone had at least 2 fights. Then if you were a winner but lost you still had a chance in the losers rounds.

Winner: Flippt

2nd: Stewie

3rd: Gross Incompetance

4th: Variant


DSCF4526 DSCF4527 DSCF4528 DSCF4529 DSCF4530
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DSCF4536 DSCF4537 DSCF4538 DSCF4539 DSCF4540
DSCF4536.jpg DSCF4537.jpg DSCF4538.jpg DSCF4539.jpg DSCF4540.jpg
DSCF4542 DSCF4543 DSCF4544 DSCF4545 DSCF4546
DSCF4542.jpg DSCF4543.jpg DSCF4544.jpg DSCF4545.jpg DSCF4546.jpg
DSCF4547 DSCF4553 DSCF4554 DSCF4555 DSCF4556
DSCF4547.jpg DSCF4553.jpg DSCF4554.jpg DSCF4555.jpg DSCF4556.jpg
DSCF4557 DSCF4558 DSCF4559 DSCF4560 DSCF4561
DSCF4557.jpg DSCF4558.jpg DSCF4559.jpg DSCF4560.jpg DSCF4561.jpg
DSCF4562 DSCF4563 DSCF4565 DSCF4566 DSCF4567
DSCF4562.jpg DSCF4563.jpg DSCF4565.jpg DSCF4566.jpg DSCF4567.jpg
DSCF4568 DSCF4569 DSCF4570 DSCF4571 DSCF4572
DSCF4568.jpg DSCF4569.jpg DSCF4570.jpg DSCF4571.jpg DSCF4572.jpg
DSCF4573 DSCF4574 DSCF4575 DSCF4576 DSCF4577
DSCF4573.jpg DSCF4574.jpg DSCF4575.jpg DSCF4576.jpg DSCF4577.jpg
DSCF4578 DSCF4579 DSCF4580 DSCF4581 DSCF4582
DSCF4578.jpg DSCF4579.jpg DSCF4580.jpg DSCF4581.jpg DSCF4582.jpg
DSCF4583 DSCF4584 DSCF4585 DSCF4586 DSCF4588
DSCF4583.jpg DSCF4584.jpg DSCF4585.jpg DSCF4586.jpg DSCF4588.jpg
DSCF4589 DSCF4590 DSCF4592 DSCF4593 DSCF4594
DSCF4589.jpg DSCF4590.jpg DSCF4592.jpg DSCF4593.jpg DSCF4594.jpg
DSCF4595 DSCF4596 DSCF4597 DSCF4598 DSCF4599
DSCF4595.jpg DSCF4596.jpg DSCF4597.jpg DSCF4598.jpg DSCF4599.jpg
DSCF4600 DSCF4601 DSCF4602 DSCF4603 DSCF4604
DSCF4600.jpg DSCF4601.jpg DSCF4602.jpg DSCF4603.jpg DSCF4604.jpg
DSCF4605 DSCF4606 DSCF4608 DSCF4609 DSCF4610
DSCF4605.jpg DSCF4606.jpg DSCF4608.jpg DSCF4609.jpg DSCF4610.jpg
DSCF4611 DSCF4612 DSCF4613 DSCF4614 DSCF4617
DSCF4611.jpg DSCF4612.jpg DSCF4613.jpg DSCF4614.jpg DSCF4617.jpg
DSCF4618 DSCF4620 DSCF4621 DSCF4622 DSCF4623
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DSCF4624 DSCF4625 DSCF4626 DSCF4627 DSCF4628
DSCF4624.jpg DSCF4625.jpg DSCF4626.jpg DSCF4627.jpg DSCF4628.jpg
DSCF4629 DSCF4630 DSCF4633 DSCF4634 DSCF4635
DSCF4629.jpg DSCF4630.jpg DSCF4633.jpg DSCF4634.jpg DSCF4635.jpg
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