On Sat 14th July 2007 Dave hosted AWS23 in Hull.

This was another event I couldn't attend, I was at Star Wars Celebration Europe helping out with droid builders.

I don't have any photos for this events, just the following details. Also i'm missing some results and results.


Winners in bold.

Group 1
Berserka Vs EBOG 5
Vs Squashy
There Were No Survivors
Vs Craig The Happy Cyborg
Vs Craig The Happy Cyborg
Vs Squashy
EBOG 5 Vs Berserka
There Were No Survivors Vs Katjuscha
Vs There Were No Survivors

1st in group - Katjuscha. 2nd in group - Berserka

Group 2
Variant Vs ?
MBY Vs Withnail
The Octopus Vs Pants
? Vs MBY
Variant Vs Withnail
Withnail Vs The Octopus
Variant Vs Pants
? Vs The Octopus
? Vs Variant

1st in group - Pants. 2nd in group - ?

Group 3
Defiant Vs Gravity's Rainbow
Cannon Fodder Vs The Slug
DBA Evo Vs Void
Gravity's Rainbow Vs Cannon Fodder
Defiant Vs The Slug
The Slug Vs DBA Evo
Gravity's Rainbow Vs DBA Evo
Defiant Vs Void
Void Vs DBA Evo

1st in group - Defiant. 2nd in group - DBA Evo

Group 4
300MPH Torrential Outpour Blues Vs Mutant
Ka Vs Anto 3
Oliver Is With A Fat Girl But It's Not Jesus, It's A Cat Vs Combatant
300MPH Torrential Outpour Blues - BYE
Mutant - BYE
Mutant Vs Anto 3
300MPH Torrential Outpour Blues Vs Mutant
Combatant Vs Anto 3
Mutant Vs Anto 3

1st in group - Combatant. 2nd in group - Anto 3

Final Group
Berserka Vs DBA Evo
? Vs Anto 3
Combatant Vs Pants
Defiant Vs Katjuscha
Combatant Vs DBA Evo
Katjuscha Vs ?
Defiant Vs Pants
Combatant Vs ?
? Vs Pants
? Vs Defiant

3rd - Pants
2nd - ?
1st - Defiant


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