On Sat 26th Feb 2005 Oliver Steeples hosted WS16 at the Burghfield Common scout hut.

42 ants attended and Odyssey managed 3rd overall which is good as it managed 2nd at WS15, I'll have to work out if it's the most successfull ant ever sometime.

The Europeans took the majority of the trophies with Vacuum and Sub getting 2nd and 1st respectively.

Antcrusher Duff Mutant
Anteater Dynamite Odyssey
Anticide Eggman Pants
Anticyclone Electra Pixiedust
Antlifter Entrant Rampant
Anto EP Ripper
Anto x Ferrari RONNY
Antrax Flippt! Smartant 1
Blade's Revenge Gross Incompetence Smartant 2
Buddy Halo Sub
Cannon Fodder Hinge TNT
Chicken Hyper Puppy Vacuum
DBA EVO Icant Voodoo
Devils Advocate Militant Zenith

(Walkers in itallics, 2 in total)



I changed the format of WS16, instead of a morning warm-up we went straight into the WS but the 1st round was split into 2 legs. If an ant won 1 or 2 rounds it went through to the 2nd round. There were also 2 places left for mellee winners for previous losers.

1st round 
1st leg 2nd leg 2nd round
Hinge Ripper Hinge Gross Incompetence Mutant Duff
Anteater Cannon Fodder EP Cannon Fodder Anto Voodoo
Eggman Entrant Anticide Devils Advocate DBA Evo Anticide
Buddy Devils Advocate Ripper Militant Hinge Militant
Antlifter TNT Eggman Hyper Puppy Blade's Revenge Smartant 2
Smartant 1 Vacuum Antlifter Smartant 2 Entrant Flippt!
DBA Evo Antrax Anticyclone Buddy Vacuum Electra
Dynamite Duff Antcrusher Chicken Sub Devils Advocate
Chicken Pants Icant Pants Pixiedust Antrax
Antcrusher Anto x Entrant RONNY Anteater Anticyclone
EP Ferrari Voodoo Zenith Ferrari Dynamite
RONNY Odyssey Anto Electra Pants Smartant 1
Mutant Gross Incompetence Ferrari Dynamite Antcrusher Icant
Zenith Electra Smartant 1 Blade's Revenge Chicken Hyper Puppy
Anticide Flippt! DBA Evo Duff Antlifter EP
Smartant 2 Anto x Halo Pixiedust Zenith Odyssey
Blade's Revenge Hyper Puppy Mutant Anto x
Halo Sub Odyssey Sub
Militant Icant Flippt! Antrax
Rampant Pixiedust Anteater TNT
Anticyclone Voodoo Vacuum Rampant
Mellee winners for losers: Smartant 1+ Dynamite through to 2nd round
3rd round Quarter Finals Semi Finals
Odyssey Flippt! Antrax Chicken Sub Chicken
Anticide Ferrari Odyssey Icant Odyssey Vacuum
Icant Pants Anticyclone Sub
Antrax Hinge Vacuum Voodoo
Sub DBA Evo
Vacuum Mutant Final
Smartant 1 Voodoo
Antlifter Chicken Sub Vacuum
Odyssey Chicken

Winners in bold


Best Engineered: Antcrusher

Best Designed: Sub

Best Newcomer: Voodoo



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hpim0578 hpim0579 hpim0580 hpim0581
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hpim0590 hpim0591 hpim0592 hpim0593
hpim0594 hpim0595 hpim0596 hpim0597
hpim0598 hpim0599 hpim0600 hpim0601
hpim0602 hpim0603 hpim0604 hpim0605
hpim0606 hpim0607 hpim0608 hpim0609
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hpim0614 hpim0616 hpim0617 hpim0618
hpim0619 hpim0620 hpim0621 hpim0622
hpim0623 hpim0624 hpim0629 hpim0630
hpim0631 hpim0632 hpim0633 hpim0634
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hpim0640 hpim0643 hpim0645 hpim0646
hpim0648 hpim0649 hpim0650 hpim0651
hpim0652 hpim0653 hpim0654 hpim0655
hpim0656 hpim0657 hpim0658 hpim0659
hpim0660 hpim0661 hpim0662 hpim0663
hpim0664 hpim0665 hpim0666 hpim0667
hpim0668 hpim0669 hpim0670 hpim0672
hpim0673 hpim0674 hpim0675 hpim0676
hpim0677 hpim0678 hpim0680 hpim0681
hpim0682 hpim0683 hpim0684 hpim0685
hpim0686 hpim0687 hpim0689 hpim0690
hpim0691 hpim0692 hpim0693 hpim0694
hpim0695 hpim0696 hpim0697 hpim0698
hpim0699 hpim0700 hpim0702 hpim0703
hpim0705 hpim0706 hpim0707 hpim0708
hpim0709 hpim0710 hpim0711 hpim0712
hpim0713 hpim0714 hpim0715 hpim0717
hpim0718 hpim0719 hpim0720 hpim0721
hpim0722 hpim0723 hpim0724 hpim0726
hpim0727 hpim0728 hpim0729 hpim0730
hpim0731 hpim0732 hpim0733 hpim0734
hpim0735 hpim0736 hpim0737 hpim0738
hpim0739 hpim0740 hpim0741 hpim0743


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