On Sat 6th Nov Mark+Ben+family hosted WS15 at Ivy Chimneys School, a few of the teams couldn't make it (Simon, Tom, Gary) but in total we had 37 ants which wasn't bad. I also had a good/lucky day with 3 ants in the quarter finals of the main event, sure I would have had all 4 up there if it wasn't for PeteW, my nemesis for the day.... Who also won the main trophy with his walker Mutant.


Anteater Entrant Psychoant
Anticyclone Flippt! Rebel 2 (R2)
Anto Halo Red Eye
Antrax Headache Resurrected
Bittercorn Hyper Puppy Smartant 1
Cannon Fodder Infant Smartant 2
Chimera Mighty Mouse TNT
Combatant Mutant UFO
Dave 3 Odyssey Vacuum
DBA Pants Voodoo
Dominant Pixiedust War Ant
Duff Porsche

(Walkers in itallics, 3in total)


Ants in bold go out

Morning Warm up
Rebel 2 Voodoo Bittercorn War Ant Resurrected
Halo Anteater Porsche Resurrected Anteater WINNER
Duff War Ant Entrant Porsche
Odyssey Anteater Hyper Puppy
Headache Resurrected Pants Porsche
Resurrected Porsche Duff
TNT Anto War Ant Hyper Puppy
Hyper Puppy Anto
Flippt! Pants Anto
Hyper Puppy Hyper Puppy Entrant
Entrant TNT Infant Porsche
Mighty Mouse Dominant Anteater
Anto Rebel 2 Dominant
Infant Pants
Smartant 2
Bittercorn Resurrected
Dominant Red Eye
Pants Entrant
War Ant Odyssey
Antrax Duff
Red Eye Bittercorn
Smartant 1

Winner: Porsche

2nd: Anteater


1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round Quarter Finals Semi Finals Final
TNT Mutant Odyssey Odyssey Hyper Puppy Odyssey
War Ant Chronotrigger War Ant Dave 3 Mutant Mutant
Smartant 1 Duff
Duff Icant Odyssey
R2 Psychoant Icant Anto Anto
DBA Icant 3rd/4th
Antrax Smartant 2 Anto  Anteater
Cannon Fodder Mutant Hyper Puppy
Cannon Fodder R2 Anto
Entrant Cannon Fodder Dave 3 Hyper Puppy
Resurrected Odyssey Infant Halo
Porsche Anteater Mutant
Infant Pants Anticide
UFO War Ant
Anteater Halo Anticyclone
Icant Dave 3
Chimera Entrant TNT
Hyper Puppy
Anto Porsche
Chronotrigger TNT Psychoant
Voodoo Infant Halo
Vacuum DBA
Duff Anticide
Halo 2 Anticyclone
Flippt! Hyper Puppy
Pants Red Eye
Odyssey Anto
Mighty Mouse DBA went through in the 3rd round but broke down prior to fighting Mutant. In this case Anticide as the 2nd place ant went through
Dave 3
Hyper Puppy
Red Eye
Smartant 2

Winner: Mutant

2nd Place: Odyssey

3rd Place: Anto

4th Place: Hyper Puppy


Most destructive: Mutant

Best looking: DBA

Best Newcomer: Halo

Best Engineered: Smartant 1/Smartant 2

Most Aggressive: Anto

Best Driver: Oliver

Most battered: Hyper Puppy

Best Designed: Icant

Most original: Voodoo


My camera was a bit dodgy so some of the pics are courtesy of using PeteC's camera:
HPIM0248 HPIM0249 HPIM0250 HPIM0251
HPIM0252 HPIM0253 HPIM0254 HPIM0255
HPIM0256 HPIM0257 HPIM0258 HPIM0259
HPIM0260 HPIM0261 HPIM0262 HPIM0263
HPIM0264 HPIM0265 HPIM0266 HPIM0267
HPIM0268 HPIM0270 HPIM0271 HPIM0272
HPIM0273 HPIM0274 HPIM0275 HPIM0276
HPIM0277 HPIM0278 HPIM0279 HPIM0280
HPIM0281 HPIM0282 HPIM0283 HPIM0284
HPIM0285 HPIM0286 HPIM0287 HPIM0288
HPIM0290 HPIM0291 HPIM0292 IM000393
IM000394 IM000395 IM000396 IM000397
IM000398 IM000399 IM000400 IM000401
IM000402 IM000403 IM000404 IM000405
IM000406 IM000407 IM000408 IM000409
IM000410 IM000411 IM000412 IM000413
IM000414 IM000415 IM000416 IM000417
IM000418 IM000419 IM000420 IM000421
IM000422 IM000423 IM000424 IM000425
IM000426 IM000427 IM000428 IM000429
IM000430 IM000431 IM000432 IM000433
IM000434 IM000436 IM000437 IM000438
IM000439 IM000440 IM000441 IM000442
IM000443 IM000444    



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