AWS 14 Results

Many thanks to Gary at for getting these results, I had to work so missed the big event


Here are the results of AWS 14 held in Bristol on 25th July 2004
AWS 14 Results
Round 1 Group A   Round 1 Group B
VX Anty B   EntrAnt Zenith
MilitAnt RONNY   Antrax Red Eye *
CombatAnt Vacuum   TNT RampAnt
PsychoAnt War Ant   Flourescant * Anticide Kick
Void Rebel   Duff Resurrected
Pants AntLifter   Clear Reflection * Chicken Porsche
Chimera Chrono Trigger   Anticide Cannon Fodder
MutAnt Cantankerous   Anto Headache
Round 2 Group A (losers)   Round 2 Group B (losers)
VX RONNY   Zenith Red Eye *
Vacuum War Ant   RampAnt Flourescant *
Void Pants   Duff Clear Reflection *
Chimera MutAnt   Cannon Fodder Headache
Round 2 Group A (winners)   Round 2 Group B (winners)
Anty B MilitAnt   EntrAnt Antrax
CombatAnt PsychoAnt   TNT Anticide Kick
Rebel AntLifter   Resurrected Anticide
Chrono Trigger Cantankerous   Chicken Porsche Anto
Round 3 Group A (losers)   Round 3 Group B (losers)
VX CombatAnt   Zenith Anticide
Vacuum Cantankerous   RampAnt Anto
Void Anty B   Duff Antrax
MutAnt Rebel   Headache TNT
Round 3 Group A (winners)   Round 3 Group B (winners)
MilitAnt Psycho Ant   EntrAnt Resurrected
AntLifter Chrono Trigger   Anticide Kick Chicken Porsche
Round 4 Group A (losers)   Round 4 Group B (losers)
CombatAnt Vacuum   Anticide RampAnt
Anty B MutAnt   Antrax TNT
Round 5 Group A (losers)   Round 5 Group B (losers)
CombatAnt AntLifter   Anticide Antrax
Anticide Kick MilitAnt   MutAnt EntrAnt
Quarter Final Group A (winners)   Quarter Final Group B (winners)
Chicken Porsche Chrono Trigger   Psycho Ant Resurrected
Quarter Final Group A (losers)   Quarter Final Group B (losers)
CombatAnt MilitAnt   MutAnt Anticide
Semi-Final Group A   Semi-Final Group B
Chicken Porsche MilitAnt   Psycho Ant Anticide
Final     3rd-Place Playoff  
Chicken Porsche Anticide   MilitAnt Psycho Ant
AWS 14 Champion Anticide
Runner-Up Chicken Porsche
3rd Place MilitAnt
This competition was run using a "double elimination" formula.
In the qualifying rounds you have to lose two fights to be knocked out.
The quarter finals onwards are single knock-out.
Winners in bold proceed to the next round
Losers in italics are knocked out of the competition
* = non-starter

AWBots Bash 2004 Results
Round 1
RONNY Red Eye Chicken Porsche  
Resurrected DominAnt Pants  
Cantankerous EntrAnt RampAnt  
Psycho Ant Vacuum Antrax  
TNT War Ant Rebel  
VX Chimera Void  
Anticide Anty B Duff  
Anticide Kick Headache AntLifter  
Round 2
RONNY Anticide Kick TNT Anty B
Resurrected Vacuum VX Duff
Chicken Porsche RampAnt Rebel EntrAnt
Pants Antrax Void AntLifter
Anty B Vacuum EntrAnt AntLifter
Winner EntrAnt
Runner-Up Anty B
3rd Place AntLifter
Winners in bold proceed to next round
Round 2 and the final were 4-way melees with only one winner going through.
This was necessary in order to complete the event in time.

AWS1st AWS1stTrophy AWS2nd AWS2ndTrophy AWS3rd
AWS3rdTrophy AWbotsTrophy AntLifter Anticide AnticideKick
Anto AntoXP Antrax AntyB Arena
Bash1st Bash2nd Bash3rd BestDesign BestDriver
BestEngineered BestLookingAnt BestNewcomer CannonFodder Cantankerous
Cantankerous2 ChickenPorsche Chimera ChronoTrigger CombatAnt
DominAnt Duff EntrAnt Football GroupA
GroupB Headache MilitAnt MostAggresiveAnt MostBatteredAnt
MostDestructiveAnt MostOriginalAnt MutAnt Pants PsychoAnt
RONNY RampAnt Rebel RedEye Resurrected
TNT Trophies UseYourLoaf VX Vacuum
Void WarAnt Zenith