On Sat 21st Nov 2003 Gary and Jas hosted WS13 In Brighton, a number of battles took place including European, Under 16s, the World Series and Tag Team.


Allikat Dynamo Pixiedust
Angus Electra Psychoant
Anteater Entrant Rampant
Anticyclone Flourescant Ramps
Antlifter Headache Ramsy
Anto Killsaw Red Eye
Antomkia Lower Resurrected
Berserka Militant RONNY
Bits 'n' pieces Mohican Terminator
Bushido Embryio Mr Tubbs Torrant 2
Cannon Fodder Mutant Transparant
Chimera Nigel Vacuum
Chronotrigger OB1 Void
Combatant Odyssey War-Ant
Devils Advocate Pants Zenith

(Walkers in itallics, 2 in total)


Ants in bold go out

1st round
Transparant OB1 Terminator Odyssey Bits 'n' pieces Torrant 2
Mohican Pants Antomkia Resurrected Entrant Vacuum
Bushido Embryio Electra Red Eye Antlifter Dynamo Ramps
Dominant Berserka Devils Advocate Void


2nd Round

Pants Bushido Embryio Void Electra Vacuum Bits 'n' pieces Antlifter Entrant
Mohican Transparant Terminator Berserka Resurrected Devils Advocate Red Eye Ramps


Quarter Finals

Bushido Embryio Terminator Bits 'n' pieces Red Eye
Mohican Berserka Entrant Resurrected


Semi Finals

Resurrected Mohican 1st/2nd Berserka 3rd/4th Resurrected
Berserka Entrant Entrant Mohican

Winner: Berserka

Under 16's
Bits 'n' pieces Rampant RONNY Electra
War-Ant Devils Advocate Torrant 2 OB1
Mohican Transparant Antomkia Odyssey
Torrant 2 Bits 'n' pieces Antomkia Rampant
Mohican OB1 Devils Advocate Odyssey
Devils Advocate Bits 'n' pieces
Torrant 2 Rampant
1st/2nd Rampant 3rd/4th Bits 'n' pieces
Torrant 2 Devils Advocate

Winner: Torrent 2

1st Round
Entrant Ramps RONNY Devils Advocate Bits 'n' pieces Anto Killsaw
Red Eye Vacuum Zenith Pixiedust Allikat War-Ant Electra
Dynamo Terminator OB1 Headache Berserka Mr Tubbs Lower
Flourescant Psychoant Angus Resurrected Antomkia Anteater Anticyclone
Transparant Antlifter Combatant Cannon Fodder Ramsy Mohican Chronotrigger
Torrant 2 Odyssey Nigel Mutant Militant Rampant Void
Bushido Embryio Chimera Pants
2nd Round
War-Ant Cannon Fodder Anto Rampant Anteater Berserka Bushido Embryio
RONNY Ramps Pants Chronotrigger Psychoant OB1 Resurrected
Combatant Flourescant Anticyclone Electra Devils Advocate Chimera Killsaw
Antomkia Allikat
Nigel Vacuum
Ramsy Red Eye
Pixiedust Odyssey
Entrant Transparant
3rd Round
Ramps Ramsy Entrant OB1 Bushido Embryio Resurrected
Killsaw Electra Nigel Cannon Fodder Anteater Chronotrigger
Transparant Odyssey Pants Berserka RONNY Red Eye
Psychoant Anto Chimera War-Ant
4th Round
Anteater Anto Ramps Berserka Nigel Electra
Red Eye Psychoant Bushido Embryio Ramsy War-Ant Chimera
Chronotrigger OB1
Killsaw Entrant
5th Round
Chronotrigger Entrant War-Ant Electra
Bushido Embryio Berserka Red Eye Psychoant
Semi Finals 1st/2nd 3rd/4th
War-Ant Chronotrigger Chronotrigger War-Ant
Psychoant Berserka Psychoant Berserka

Winner: Chronotrigger

IM000452 IM000453 IM000454 IM000455 IM000456
IM000457 IM000458 IM000459 IM000460 IM000461
IM000462 IM000463 IM000464 IM000465 IM000466
IM000467 IM000468 IM000469 IM000470 IM000471
IM000472 IM000473 IM000474 IM000475 IM000476
IM000477 IM000478 IM000479 IM000480 IM000481
IM000482 IM000483 IM000484 IM000485 IM000486
IM000487 IM000488 IM000493 IM000494 IM000495
IM000496 IM000497 IM000498 IM000499 IM000500
IM000501 IM000502 IM000503 IM000504 IM000505
IM000506 IM000508 IM000509 IM000510 IM000511
IM000512 IM000513 IM000514 IM000515 IM000516
IM000517 IM000518 IM000519 IM000520 IM000521
IM000522 IM000523 IM000524 IM000525 IM000526
IM000527 IM000528 IM000529 IM000530 IM000531
IM000532 IM000533 IM000534 IM000535 IM000536
IM000537 IM000538 IM000539 IM000540 IM000541
IM000542 IM000544 IM000545 IM000546 IM000548
IM000550 IM000551 IM000552


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