TYPE-0 was actually present at WS1 and took part, it's been in every WS I've been to since then upto and including WS9 and is the most successfull walker so far, i.e. it's got past the 2nd round. Despite their ability not to be very resiliant in battle they are fun to make and drive, or they can drive you insane. There are a number of ways to build a walker and each way can have a different amount of legs/feet. So far antweight walkers include TYPE-0, Stagger, Plod and Able and all use different ways to make them move so there is no right or wrong answer.



For stability I decided to use 4 legs each side so at any time 2 legs would be in contact with the ground. The drive servos are modified SD200 and the Rx is a standard Hitec 40g one (no need for a micro Rx as it was underweight), it even had a large mixer that weighed around 15g. Lego was used for the gears



After testing using Lego I brought some plastic gears from SH Muffett and this is what I came up with:

The gear on the left is powered by the servo and a gear train makes all the large gears Mod1, 28t all turn in the same direction. At the moment the small gears are held in with small bolts but this will be corrected. Also I only have one side of the robot done as it took 2 days to get the above work doen due to the fact that the metal legs are very hard to attach to the rotating gears and keep the gears turning. I will get a picture sometime but essentially a bent paper clip goes through the gear and holds the metal leg. Two black bits of rubber then hold the leg in place and stop it falling off. The metal things at the top hold the legs so that when they go round the bottom of the legs move but the top stays stationary, thus it walks.

The new legs are made from 3mm diameter aluminium tube section from Hobby stores in St Albans.  Considering the look of it it moves very well and as the saying goes "turns on a penny", it also has quite a lot of push available even though it doesn't have grippy feet yet.  The top gears are held on with screws which has to change, but the big bottom gears are held in with little plugs I made from PTFE to cut down on friction. 



For version 2 the only changes were a lighter Rx and mixer, this allowed me to add a weapons servo that lifted a brass flap at the front. It actually works surprising well but can be flipped fairly easily. The thin aluminium legs were also upgraded to thicker brass versions for protection against spinners, the feet had bits of elastic bands held in them that gave huge amounts of grip that could push other ants (somehow).


TYPE-0 is now at the end of it's life and without a complete rebuild there is little more I can do so it will be retired, leaving the way for another walker in my lineup. Pixiedust anyone.