Version 1

Odyssey started with 25mm diameter wheels with elastic bands as grip but these were replaced with LEGO tracks with bits of elastic bands for grip. Dozer easily used to be able to push Odyssey around but with the new grip Odyssey is very stable apart from the tracks are very easily broken or the wheels pop off. The lifting arm being driven by an Acoms servo is extremely powerful and can lift 300g! (lifting the back off the ground). It will be replaced with a smaller one to reduce the weight. The Futaba servo can be seen at the back just below the battery pack made of 130mAh 6g NiCad's which lasted over 10 minutes. A mixer can be seen just behind the lifting arm servo. At this stage Odyssey weighed around 250g and was far too heavy.


Version 2

Odyssey has now had a major overhaul to firstly reduce the length and the weight. The plastcard arm now pivots from the middle of the robot although it still uses a standard servo, the tracks are spaced wider apart to increase stability and the center of gravity is lower. The Futaba receiver has now been replaced with a CETO one, weighing in at 8g (without reduction) and nicely sits next to the batteries.

It happily plods around my desk at the moment and occasionally falls off which it doesn't seem to mind, unlike my brothers hamster. You can see the amount of lift Odyssey has, but I might reduce this as it is a bit excessive. If the weight is a problem I will also have to replace the big servo with one of the small ones.


Version 2.1

After a bit of time off and after finally getting some decent scales (well borrowing some) I have finally finished Odyssey.  The pics below show the final bot:

It is essentially the same as V2 but the weight was aroung 164g, 14g too much.  I had to replace the front 45g servo with a SD200 (18g) which saved quite a bit of weight, although the lifter is slightly less powerfull.  Also now the weight is less I can add a roll bar at the back so if it is lifted up it won't go over without a good fight.


Version 3

At WS4 (I think) Odyssey proved it wasn't up for anything as it lost every match it entered, this was followed by Nano wars 1 when CombatAnt ripped through the new metal lifter and tracks.  I decided tracks are now a bad idea and the metal lifter is a bad idea and that it had no self righter.  At this stage the lifter servo had been put at the back and lifted the metal scoop as it has now and this helped protect the tracks. The problem was it was very easy to flip and fell backwards, and the tracks got ruined.


Version 4

After Nano Wars I changed the tracks to wheels and it could still be flipped backwards very easily, I added a tail that expands when the lifter is lifted and can also be used as a weapon if required.  It stops Odyssey being flipped backwards and the wheels (deordorant lids with elastic bands) make it very hard to be tipped sideways.

I have since upgraded the elastic bands to Dycem sheet, this provides a large amount of grip and with the large wheels can push other ants around fairly easily.


Version 5

After a few AWS Odyssey needed a bit of an upgrade. It looks very similar to the previous version but there are a few differences.

Open Closed, fits in the 4" cube


Wheels are slightly bigger and stronger than the Lynx tops (Lynx stopped used tops). I now use cut down Halfords spray primer tops.
Elastic bands have nnow been replaced by Dycem giving more grip.
SD200 drive servo's have been speed modded for extra speed.
SD200 lifter servo has been replaced with a GWS Park HPX F servo. Lots more power and speed.
300mAh NiMh batteries replaced with 7.4V Li-Poly


The speed modded SD200's are pretty damn fast, with the bigger wheels it can turn very quickly.

With the Park lifter servo it can easily lift an opponent ant with 4.2Kg/cm. I have just got some lighter (16g) Blue Bird 380MAX servos which give 4.7Kg/cm at 6V and have metal gears to prevent stripping.

The batteries were also replaced with Li-Poly, however only the lifter servo runs at this voltage. A 6V regultator was used to power the Rx and the drive servos for 2 reasons. The Rx is still a micro one and I don't want to kill it as it was pretty expensive, and secondly Odyssey is fast enough as it is and doesn't need any more speed.

The last modification is the lowering of the tail. Prior to AWS20 the tail was level at about 20mm above the ground and provided stability to prevent being flipped backwards. Now the tail pushes into the ground, this means the lifting arm can also push into the ground to get lower and under opponent ants (I hope anyway).