Mini G


In the past I have tried several types of lifter. I have tried direct linkages with Odyssey, front hinges with arms like Hyper Puppy and tried other methods to get a powerfull fast flipper. Going back to my heavyweight days I thought I should try out a 4 bar lifter to see if it would work with ants.

The bottom of the body is made from 0.8mm carbon fibre to save weight, the top is made from 2mm polystrene with the front being spring steel.


The specs are as follow:

Drive: 2* SD200 speed modded

Weapon: BMS 380Max MG

Battery: 7.4V 640mAh Li-Poly

Rx: Hitec Feather


The drive was never as good as I wanted it to be, I just couldn't get traction. Mini G was always just a test of a 4 bar lifter, to be honest the test failed. A traditional antweight servo directly attached to the lifter has proved to be far better and a lot easier. With this Mini G is now retired.