Gross Incompetence


Gross Incompetence came about due to the rules and I wanted another lifter with a different design.

I got hold of some carbon fibre so GI uses a bit of this on the side. Hardly enough to mention. The chassis and front lifter are made fron fairly thick aluminium sheet


The specs are as follow:

Drive: 2* SD200 speed modded

Weapon: SD200

Battery: 7.4V 640mAh Li-Poly

Rx: Hitec Feather


The problem with GI is the lifter. The picture above shows how it works with a long servo horn lifting the arm up. In practice the lifter tends to push other ants away rather than lifting them up which isn't good. Also the wheels are at the back so turning the ant to get a good position is really hard to do.

I think I will either retire or upgrade GI. I could use my new Blue Bird 380MAX as a lifter servo.