Argo was the 3rd ever ant and at this stage all I had was an old 2CH Acoms Tx and Rx from an old Tamiya RC car and some full size servos, at the time micro servo's were expensive and micro Rx were specialised. With Argo I used 38g servos with fixed resistors instead of gluing the pot, wheels were machined from thick aluminium rod with a rubber O-ring round them and weigh around 10g each (ouch). The Rx is a 27MHz 2CH version and is around 35g with case and 20 without.


The power source is 4*AA batteries, needless to say Argo weighed around 250g although this was only a start and something to fight Odyssey with and neither were in the 100g (it was increased to 150g later) or 4" cube rule.



In fights it worked out well, the standard servos gave enough grip to push 500g items around a table and the nails at the front got in the way of Odyssey's tracks.

When the 150g limit was enforced Argo had to be retired.