HOWTO - Building


Both the plans and computer can't work out everything perfectly, this is where the prototyping comes in. This stage is required due to the complextity of the ant and can be skipped for an easier project.

I made a frame from 2mm mounting card (available from any art shop) and selotaped the servos on, this produced the following:

From this stage I worked out by using a central wheel it maybe difficult to drive the ant and it it manages to lift another ant traction maybe lost.

The only solution is to use tracks or use 4 driven wheels, tracks can be problematic....


I installed a bigger servo horn on the SD200 and attached the flaps using paperclips (cheap source of thin metal once straightened) and attached the HS55's to some old Lego servo tracks from Odyssey V1.

By this stage it was WS8 and I think it could have handled itself in a few of the matches, time flew and it was then WS9 and I hadn't touched ants for ages and just had time to make sure my other ants were working. Also around this time a limit of 3 ants per person was set (2 rolling and 1 walker) to stop someone having 4 ants in a semi-final. This meant to enter ABOX I would have had to scrapped Odyssey or Anteater and this time will come but not yet.


ABOX??? Alan Parkin of Close Shave had a walker called 'Not-A-Box' which was very box shaped, so if I build a box shaped ant what is the obvious name. Bingo.


At WS9 I realised ABOX would have had dificulties, originally the flaps were going to be carbon fiber but after seeing what Combatant did to Rebels carbon fibre I forgot this. Aluminium or brass would have been too heavy. Also I wasn't keen on the tracks but this is the only way I could have kept balance while lifting other ants, also during testing while lifting ants ABOX tended to lean over and tip itself rather than lift.


With the above in mind ABOX ended as a prototype rather than being made. The howto guide still makes sense however and can be used for building an antweight entry, some details such as the cad package can be avoided as pencil and paper is goood enough.


The End.

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